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The team from Sushi Machines Australia was in Tokyo, Japan in March 2007 to understudy a new set of Autec Sushi robots, the ASM860 Maki robot and the ASM410 Multi Nigiri robot.

ASM860 Maki robot:

One of the key differences of the new ASM860 Maki robot is that the machine not only shows an error code but is also self-correcting. This is useful for operators who are unfamiliar with the machines or are not too technically minded. The machine also operates at a faster pace and has a clean and simple cover.

ASM410 Nigiri robot:

The ASM410 offers variable options of size and shape of the Nigiri rice balls. The machine also comes with a new clean line cover making it easy to clean. This machine also incorporate safety system and self-diagnostics for error function. It can produce multiple rice balls or single rice ball on demand.

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