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Automatic level products offered by Surveyinstruments.com.au

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Surveyinstruments.com.au  offers several types of products that have been divided under various categories. The categories of products offered by Surveyinstruments.com.au include automatic levels, distance meters, line and plumb lasers, pipe lasers, pipe locators, rotating lasers, siteproof, theodolite, total stations and accessories.

One of the products under the category of automatic levels is Leica NA720 optical level. Leica NA720 is the automatic level for every application on the site of construction and this product has 20x telescopic magnification.

Leica NA720 has been built for engineers, builders and surveyors levels. Leica NA720 does not require any readjustment or checking, which consume lots of time.

One of the ‘best in class optics of Leica NA720 enables the user to always work as accurately as possible, even in twilight. This provides various benefits to the user such as reduction in work downtime which translates into higher productivity. This results in accuracy and reliability.

Automatic levels category also includes Leica runner 24 optical level. Leica runner 24 optical level has tough level of construction. Leica runner 24 optical level is simple to use, quick to set up and is precise with bright and clear optics for easy readings.

Apart from these, other products in the category of automated levels include Leica sprinter 100 digital level, Solution20 optical level, Spectra precision AL124 optical level and spectra precision AL232 optical level.

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