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SureCall One3 is an industry specific product brought to you by Suretel.

Utilising the Telstra network, Suretel is able to provide Security Alarm monitoring companies a means of revenue on their communications using a 1345/1300 phone service.

Every time an alarm panel dials out, performs a test or is actioned a phone call is made.

Surecall One3 is also a value-added service that will improve the way you do business.

Surecall One3 is not just a number with a rebate it is a whole service. When you have your security 1345 number through Suretel you gain access to the industry’s leading communication services and technology.

Furthermore, when your numbers are with Suretel you are utilising a network not only with an IN (Intelligent Network) platform but with Inteli-Path, Suretel’s globally patented data delivery method. This data delivery method is redundant to the hilt and makes alarm delivery failure impossible.

The ideal part about a Surecall One3 number is that all these extra services come at no extra cost to you because you have already paid for it.

By having your Security 1345 number with Suretel you have enabled Suretel to provide better technology and service solutions to the security industry.

What is Inteli-Path?

Inteli-Path is a data delivery method that makes all back-up path solutions obsolete including its own.

Inteli-Path has been four years in the making and is an additional patented service provided by Suretel using the power of the Telstra Network.

Inteli-Path works in conjunction with the Telstra IN Platform and while others may have access to an IN Platform.

With Inteli-Path your control room can lose their phone lines, their receivers and still be actioning your alarm traffic. If you are not using Inteli-Path when you have an outage your customers are at risk.

In the past, when outages occurred, data transmission failure was seen as the norm.

Inteli-Path is a service that is only available to customers using the Surecall One3 Service.

The Network:

Suretel chooses to utilise the Telstra network in order to provide its clients with ideal telecommunications services. Telstra provides Intelligent Network (IN) functionality which enables all calls to terminate in circumstances of the lines being busy or having no answer.

GSM redundancy is fast becoming the norm for control room alarm receivers and only an IN Platform provides the necessary functionality required for GSM redundancy.

What is a 1345 number?

A 1345/1300 number is a portable number that is highly associated with the security industry. A 1345/1300 numbers call costs are the same as A local call.

What is a Suretel 1345/1300 number?

A Suretel 1345/1300 number not only gives you a portable service, it gives you access to a fully managed service that includes such things like:

  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Suretek data facilities
  • Industry resources.

Features and benefits:

  • Full control of your SurecallOne3 number
  • No ACA fee
  • No charges for runaway diallers
  • No charges for calls from the GSM network
  • IN (Intelligent network) functionality
  • Inteli-Path enabled
  • Personal account manager
  • 24/7 emergency help line.

Why Suretel?

Suretel delivers 1345 numbers with no associated charges or contracts and is continuously searching for the perfect 1345 solution available.

Suretel operates a national free call 24/7 emergency service and provides as standard:

  • Management of service provisioning requests
  • General communication network enquiries
  • Fault reporting and service restoration
  • Billing inquiries.

Suretel understands that your business operates under critical circumstances, It is therefore a high priority that you have access to your telecommunications provider via Suretel.

Suretel, having access to its Carriers National Network Operation Centre, is able to provide you with a specialised and fully managed service that guarantees your lines can be accessed 24/7.

This means you do not have to wait in a queue when things go wrong and you will always get the right service for all your telecommunication needs.

Suretel is also able to provide full reporting for all event figures, which are updated daily and is able to provide information such as date and time of call, successful, unsuccessful, busy call, call, duration, origin of call and phone call type.

With this information Suretel can establish your 1345, alarm receiver, line, back-up and overflow requirements as well as future call trends.

SurecallOne3 is available from Suretrak Global.

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