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New Active Guard real-time guard tour system from Suretrak Global

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Active guard is an innovative, real-time guard tour system. Active Guard enables guards to easily communicate with the control room via the touch of a button and sends all button data back to the control room immediately and directly in real-time using GPRS/GSM data transmission.

The Active Guard real time guard tour system available from Suretrak Global enables full control over guards and monitored property.

Active Guards functionality allows immediate notification to the monitoring station in case of emergency and speeds up intervention which tremendously improves security of both property and people.

In addition, the monitoring station may keep voice communication with the guard while on his rounds.

Two-way voice communication:

The Active Guard user cannot make a call to monitoring station however he may let the operator know he needs voice connection by pressing the “call me” button.

The monitoring station operator can call the guard anytime just like a GSM phone.

Every Active Guard is programmed to answer calls only from defined phone numbers. Direct calls from the Active Guard are blocked, but can be modified.

Key features:

  • Event registration (RF-ID leader and events memory)
  • Real time event data transmission (GPRS or SMS)
  • Safe transmission (DES algorithm encryption)
  • Two-way voice communication (such as a GSM phone call)
  • PANIC - emergency button
  • Universal solution with easy implementation for monitoring systems.

Active Guard was originally designed for security industry, though its functionality widens the range of applications for:

  • Warehouse systems (identification)
  • Improving rent a car systems (pick up, drop off)
  • Monitoring proper service (i.e. stocking vending machines)
  • Supervising personnel work time and place
  • Monitoring scheduled technical maintenance.

The Active Guard System can be used for:

  • Supervising guards
  • Supervising service producers
  • Supervising scheduled maintenance technicians
  • Supervising drivers
  • Monitoring rent systems
  • Airport protection and supervising workers
  • Hotel protection and supervising its workers
  • Protection for other public institutions.

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