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CAMS (Complete Asset Monitoring System) is a GUI based alarm monitoring software package from Suretek that represents the new in alarm monitoring and asset tracking technology for the 32-Bit Windows environment.

CAMS alarm monitoring software is currently in use in hundreds of installations and has been rigorously tested for stability and reliability over many years.

CAMS alarm monitoring software is available from Suretrak Global .

The system:

CAMS is a multi-user modular system. The main system comprises of the CAMS receiver module, incorporating the paging, report engine, timer and CommDriver modules. It also comprises of the CAMS Client and CAMS administrator modules.

Specifically designed to minimise operator workloads and streamline every significant facet of Central Monitoring Station operation, CAMS has proved to be a reliable and indispensable operational tool respected and appreciated by organisations ranging from standalone single computer installations through to sophisticated multi-operator, multi-network, Premium-Grade Stations servicing tens of thousands of customers in high stress, continuous service environments.

The standard CAMS system uses a Microsoft Access database that makes integration to any other applications simple.

In fact it does not hide or block your access to the database which means that if you have Microsoft Access on your computer you can open the database tables and files, with appropriate password protection, and import/export data and even create you own customised operations.

This 'open database' flexibility is an important feature for your long term business strategy and integration with your evolving business systems.

Automation and the graphic user interface:

Through a sophisticated, yet user friendly graphic user interface, operators with minimal training can deal with large numbers of incoming alarm signals with minimal effort, each step in the process having been conveniently automated or structured in a manner requiring negligible human intervention.

The usually time consuming everyday tasks which have been automated by CAMS include:

  • Background logging of openings, closings and periodic tests
  • Checking of restores on critical zones and alerts
  • Customised client reports.

This automation frees operators to deal only with events requiring direct action, such as burglaries, fires, hold-ups and customer schedule violations.

CAMS user features:

CAMS administrators may use a selection of preconfigured templates or modify the priority of each and every alarm event and the manner in which it is dealt with on a site by site, asset by asset basis permitting high flexibility in the configuration of the system to meet individual customer expectations.

CAMS software is easy to use; plain and simple instructions are presented to the operator based upon the client's requirements for particular event types.

Everything an operator might need is only a mouse click or two away for maximum efficiency.

The operator can call up site plans, adjust schedules, make notes, create a service request and call up history and contacts instantly with the touch of a button.

CAMS is full of all the features that you would only expect to see in systems tens of thousands of dollars more. Suretrak believes it has included just about every feature that you need for day-to-day running of an alarm monitoring control room and plenty more of its own ideas.

Above all, if you can think of something else CAMS might need then there is every chance Suretrak will add the feature for you in the next upgrade release.

Report module:

Every alarm event and corresponding operator action within CAMS is logged for later inspection providing an archived record of station/operator performance and is the basis for a highly powerful report generation engine, yielding flexible reporting tailored to customer requirements.

The reports generated within CAMS can be delivered periodically and directly via email or fax on a predetermined basis.

Key features:

  • Australian product, used extensively in control rooms across the world
  • User friendly, powerful and flexible alarm monitoring software
  • Windows based with unlimited workstations and multiple monitor support
  • Full multi-user networkable system
  • Adjustable graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Multiple users with individual window settings and access rights
  • All the event history and system statistics can be readily accessed by the operators with appropriate user level authority
  • Unlimited clients, events, alarms and actions
  • Unlimited zones and users in multiple areas and partitions
  • Integrated Patrol Officer Dispatch System (PODS)
  • Non-proprietary database (compatible with Microsoft Access database)
  • Compatible with all format alarm panels and all common receivers including PSTN, GSM, SRS, Securitel and Direct Line
  • Automatic email reports, SMS and paging
  • Plain text message via TAP, PET or GSM through your dial up modem or GSM modem.

Key benefits:

  • Simple automated features which make your control room easier to run
  • Personalised staff training sessions available
  • Regular updates and 24/7 phone support for CAMS maintenance customers.

CAMS versions:

CAMS is available in three different versions each of them offering the same basic features listed previously. They are CAMS Lite, CAMS Standard and CAMS Enterprise (SQL enabled).

CAMS Standard:

The standard CAMS version is suitable for control rooms with a database size of 10,000 or less. It provides all the features mentioned above and is perfect for medium to large control rooms.

CAMS Standard is run on a Microsoft Access database and is able to perform efficiently with five users connected at once.

CAMS Lite:

CAMS Lite software is ideal for when you are just starting out and have a limited budget to spend on set-up costs.

CAMS Lite is essentially the same as the standard CAMS version, with the same reporting modules and features, as well as running on a Microsoft Access database.

CAMS Lite is suitable for a database size of 250 clients or less and is easily upgradeable to CAMS Standard or Enterprise versions by way of license key, making it easy for your software to grow as your business does.

CAMS Enterprise with SQL:

Cams Enterprise version runs on a SQL database. The client-server interaction of an SQL Server is more robust than that of a Microsoft Access database, such as in CAMS Standard and Lite versions and is capable of handling a higher volume of multi-user environments which makes CAMS Enterprise capable of running a data base size of 10,000 or more quite efficiently.

CAMS Enterprise has the ability to reliably perform database functions and data warehousing.

The SQL Server can be configured to effectively and efficiently accommodate unlimited, multiple users 24/7 and is ideal for complex and demanding applications such as real time transactions and messaging systems.

CAMS Enterprise’s uptime and reliability reduces the chance of database corruptions, due to failed read and write operations, as well as data access conflicts.

The security features allows for use in web interfaces and its design allows for the implementation of more elegant redundancy or standby solutions for disaster recovery.

CAMS Enterprise is the powerful CAMS software available and is recommended for larger control rooms and those with high-level security needs.

CAMS Training:

Without a doubt CAMS is the easy Alarm Automation Software on the market. CAMS is packed with features, the big one being its simplicity for the end user.

PODS (Patrol Officer Dispatch System):

PODS is fully integrated with the CAMS software. When an alarm is actioned and a patrol officer is required on site, the PODS system lets you select the officer and log the dispatch time.

PODS automatically creates a job number for the guard and has a field for guard docket numbers.

Once dispatched, the officer must report back, if he/she has not reported in after a selected time the PODS system will alert the user.

Once the guard reports back in, you can quickly log the on-site time with the click of a button. The details and the off-site time can be easily logged as well.

The PODS system is displayed on a separate window along with the normal CAMS alarm events so at any time the operator can readily see a list of all pending patrol activity.

Full history of all PODS events is available on a per client basis in the normal CAMS history quick reference section.

Hard copy reports for clients and your accounts department are also able to be generated.

The Patrol Officer Dispatch System is completely integrated and allows you to dispatch and action alarms seamlessly.

PODS allow the user to:

  • Eliminate all separate notepads and manual logs
  • See all active and pending patrols at a glance
  • Keep track of dispatch times, on-site and off-site times with the click of a mouse
  • Automatically generate a job number and enter docket numbers into provided field
  • Customise the selected response time for each individual customer
  • Record all comments and details to history log files which can be easily viewed, printed, faxed or emailed directly from the system
  • Send patrol specific information such as client name, address, PIN details, Key Number, Patrol Number and the nature of the event directly to the desired guard or patrol via SMS or pager
  • Enter all non-monitored patrol clients into the database and create a PODS event manually if required
  • Generate reports suitable for the client and also summary/billing details for the accounts department
  • Note any equipment issued to the guards at the start of their shift.

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