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Electronic components offered by Support Components

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Support Components  offers electronic components from all over the world. Support Components is one of the leading independent distributors of electronic components to a wide variety of international and domestic customers including contract manufacturers, OEM’s, distributors and service organisations.

The widespread inventory database of Support Components enables it to help its customers with their usual requirements along with obsolete and out-of-the-way electronic components. Support Components thus offers faster and broader service to its customers.

Support Components works to reduce the lead and delivery time of its customers and through this it ensures smooth running of their business. Support Components offers products at one of the best possible prices, through its extensive network of inventory.

The product line of Support Components include integrated circuits, ferrites, semiconductors, connectors, diodes and transistors, displays, capacitors, varistors, heatsinks, relays, filters, resistors, antistatic bags, fuses and various other products.

Manufactures whose products are offered by Support Components include Aavid, Gordos, Optek, Advanced Micro Devices, Harting, Panduit, Agilent, Harris Semiconductor, Philips, Allegro, Hewlett Packard, Plessey, Alliance Semiconductor, Hitachi, PMI, AMP, HSM, Protek, Analog Devices, Infineon, QT Optoelectronic, Atmel, Intel, Quality Semiconductor, Altera, Intersil, Raytheon, AVX Kyocera, International Rectifier, Rockwell, BC Components, IXYS, Samsung to name a few.

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