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The LAA is proud of its history, serving members over four decades. The LAA also has an exciting future. The LAA has reached a point in its history, where there is a common vision among the majority of its members.

The vision incorporates some commonly held beliefs: The importance of Supply Chain and Logistics to the competitive advantage of the country.

The evolution of the generally agreed body of knowledge to include materials handling and movement, Supply Chain and Logistics Management, as the fertile areas for delivering that competitive advantage.

Recognition of the importance of an Australian member based, not-for-profit body to promote the interests of professionals and practitioners operating in Supply Chain and Logistics. The need for that body is to unequivocally speak with one national voice, but act locally to reflect local needs. The requirement for a uniquely Australian, broad based association, reflecting Members’ needs and aspirations.

In March 2004, the LAA held its first National Congress. The overwhelming common view expressed at that Congress was that for the LAA to represent the interests of members a single national entity was required, as opposed to the loose federation of state based entities that existed at the time.

After two and a half further years of debate, consultation and hard work by many volunteers, that new entity today exists. The Supply Chain and Logistics Association of Australia is not-for-profit, member-based, Australian company, limited by guarantee representative body.

Divisions of SCLAA exist in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia to serve those, who need to be part of a truly national association run by its members for their own benefit.

Details can be accessed through the new and exciting portal that is the point of reference for Supply Chain and Logistics in Australia.

Why the change of name?  Feedback from members and industry, and observation of trends worldwide, identified that the provision of education and networking events that included a focus on Supply Chain Management is essential if members’ interests are to be advanced.

The significant strategic expansion in focus warranted reflection in the brand, in order to promote this core message.

LAA looks forward to working with its partners around the country, from industry, government, academia and other representative bodies, with renewed vigour and vision.

Many new and exciting initiatives from Supply Chain and Logistics Association of Australia; run by members for members, the Australian association for Supply Chain and Logistics professionals and practitioners.

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