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8th SCL Summit to be held in August

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The Supply Chain and Logistics Association of Australia (SCLAA) , Queensland Division will be holding their eighth consecutive SCL Summit at the 2010 Queensland Supply Chain and Logistics Conference.  

The SCL Summit is a unique event established by the SCLAA for Managing Directors, Chief Executive Officers and Senior Management.  

Themed ‘Supply Chains: Today and Tomorrow: Here is what it means to you’, the Supply Chain and Logistics (SCL) Summit will identify three key topics within the frame of the conference theme that will be workshopped with the attendees.  

The objective of the SCL Summit is to identify not only what the industry sees as Best Practice for each topic, but to actually go past Best Practice and identify goals for the next fifteen years.  

2010 SCL Summit Topics:  

Environment: What does it really mean to you?

  • Emission Trading Schemes
  • Strategic drivers (fuel costs and reduction in carbon credits)
  • International and national supply chain studies and trends

The world view of infrastructure

  • Spokes: Road and rail networks, air and sea corridors, usage trends
  • Hubs: Industry populations, distribution centres, future requirements, local and regional access
  • Communications: Current climate, future requirements, integrated and industry-wide strategic communications, network and lobbying capacity, industry-driven strategic planning
  • Integrated freight strategies

People and the missing link

  • Satisfying today’s workforce requirements: From the perspective of the organisation and the individual
  • Planning for tomorrow’s workforce requirements
  • Industry-driven and owned people channels
  • Workforce populations in regional areas

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