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The Smart Supply Chain Technology Show Exhibitor Trident Global explains simple solution to exporters

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International trade is complex due to the wide range of requirements and compliance of exporting and importing countries. It involves understanding the correct use of documents, industry terminology, the management of payment and delivery risks, plus the ability to establish tight procedures to mange the complete export process.

The Smart Supply Chain Technology Show will be held on the 20th and 21st of June 2007 as part of Supply Chain Week and alongside the Smart Conference.

How to manage the global trade processes

TridentGLOBAL research indicates that organisations generally adopt one of the following methods to manage their international trade. Outsourcing documentation and compliance to a 3rd party is costly and means that you as an exporter are losing complete access of the exporting process.

Modifying an existing ERP solution is costly due to the constant changes during upgrades. Developing an in-house export management system is inefficient, costly and a risk to core business as it means reinventing a solution that Trident has spent many years developing.

Outsourcing documentation and compliance to a third party can prove to have many disadvantages in particular the exporter’s loss of control.

Other disadvantages include manually re-entering data thus increasing the rate of error and the prolonged turn around time on documents including custom clearances, PRI’s and health certificates. All of the following increase time, costs, risks and decrease the chance of meeting compliance.

A simple solution

Trident have developed a solution over many years which is cost effective, caters to all industry types and allows companies to automate and mange the complexity of their global trade, documentation, compliance and logistics processes.

A number of exporters who have migrated to TridentGLOBAL have been able to calculate their return on a per consignment basis, readily supporting their investment decisions.

In other cases TridentGLOBAL customers have experienced productivity gains that have enabled them to expand their export revenue by an average 30%, without an increase in overheads.


Exporters are increasingly benefiting from solutions that not only manage export requirements, but also link with ERP systems that manage order entry, distribution and supply chains.

TridentGLOBAL can be interfaced with any ERP software thus providing benefit to any supply chain process. If an exporter is using an integrated system it means the time to react to market, time for getting paid is accelerated significantly by being able to transfer data within the system quickly.

TridentGLOBAL is capable of interfacing with any ERP or order management system, some of which include SAP, Oracle (JD Edwards), QAD (MFG/PRO), Lawson, INFOR (BPCS) and Pronto.

TridentGLOBAL complies with the United Nations Layout key for trade documents in a - what you see is what you get- format. DataFlowThru feature can be applied to order entry interfacing, documents, reporting and several of the modules, it has major benefits for users as it saves time and needless repetition of the same data.

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