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Four channel RS232 optical isolator

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article image Bi-directional communication.

SUPPLIED Solutions and Moxa Technology have introduced a new serial port powered 4-channel RS232 optical isolator.

TCC-82 is a signal isolator that provides bi-directional serial communication with full electrical isolation between two RS232 devices.

This compact sized isolator isolates both sides of the connection optically to provide perfect protection from lightning surges, accidental high voltage shorts, and ground loops.

The built-in, wide-range optocouplers are tested to ensure that they can withstand more than 4kV rms input to output for 1 minute. By supporting this feature, TCC-82 not only meets the requirements for general data communications, but also the high standard needed for industrial automation and medical applications.

Moreover, TCC-82 protects the RTS/CTS handshake lines on its two D-type connectors. TCC-82 also supports power-over-serial, which eliminates the need for an external power supply.

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