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Super Rod cable installation systems now available in Australia

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article image Super Rod cable installation products come with a range of attachments

Super Rod  is a revolutionary new cable installation system that is now being distributed in Australia by White International.

Voted ‘Best Product of the Last 50 Years’ by the UK electrical industry regulator NICEIC, and recipient of the Queens Award for Innovation in 2008, the Super Rod range of cable installation products was developed as a result of listening to the frustrations of cable installers such as electricians, telecommunication technicians and security installers.

The Super Rod cable installation system consists of rods of varying diameters, flexibilities, and lengths that simply screw together to the desired length. Many attachments are available such as a torch that screws to the end of the rods, a bead chain and magnet for fast retrieval from inside a wall, and the Super Grip for fast cable attachment. These tools allow users to work smarter, not harder by ensuring an attachment is available to help overcome most of the challenges cable installers face.

“Most electricians will agree that the amount of time and effort required to run a cable can often be under estimated. It is fantastic to see a range of products specifically designed to reduce this time and effort is now available in Australia,” says Gary Costa, Senior Product Manager for White International.

Credited with saving 9 million labour hours per year in the UK, which has a value of approximately $650 million, Super Rod cable installation products have recently been trialled in Australia by Mr George Bryant from JR Electrical. Bryant trialled the Mega Set and the Telescopic Pole and provided some valuable feedback.

"The Telescopic pole extends 5.6m but reduces down to less than a meter and definitely makes life easier. While recently doing a job in an office ceiling I was able to get the cable from point A to point B without having to lift anywhere near the number of ceiling tiles as I would have normally had to lift. This meant less time up the ladder which made the job safer, easier and a lot faster," says Bryant.

"My next job was to run a Cat 5 cable from a server room, under flooring, up a very crowded vertical cable duct, into the next level, and down the wall to the data point. The Mega Set was awesome and the attachments it comes with made pulling the cable so much easier. I put the product through its paces and used numerous rods, the cable socks for attaching the cable to the rods, and also used the LED light that screws onto any of the cable rods," he adds.

Bryant found the rods to be particularly good due to the different thicknesses that were included in the kit, each of which has different flexibilities and make pushing up the wall very simple. The rods are also good for using in confined spaces as they are just 1m long and screw into each other to make them longer.

"I have previously laid a cable along the same run at this office and estimate that Super Rod cable installation products saved me about 1.5 hours compared to the last time I did the same job. The Mega Set comes with all the attachments, saves time, makes the job safer and easier and can turn some two man jobs into one man jobs. All-in-all this is a great product,” concludes Bryant.

Super Rod cable installation systems are conveniently packaged in a range of kits and are available from all leading electrical wholesalers.

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