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Supavac  Stone dusters are designed for simple, economic operation. By using two drop pins, the MSD can be converted from a simple face dusting unit to a multi-bag Trickle Duster which is capable of delivering as many as nine bags over 50 plus metres.

The MSD units are not pressurised and are fitted with a quick disconnect Tri-clover clamp to the eductor. This allows instant access for maintenance or the removal of foreign objects.

The Supavac Stone duster is a modified version of the SV60-V Guzzla. It is fitted with a low air spiralled ejector nozzle. This allows the Supavac Stone dusters to always maintain a high air/dust ratio in the line.

The Stone dusters can retrieve bulk stone dust under vacuum from a remote source and deliver it as far 50 metres away. The self loading capacity of the unit removes the need for continuous bending and lifting by operators.

Specifications of the Supavac Stone dusters:

  • Weight = 172 kg
  • Height = 110 cm
  • Air Consumtion = 150cfm @85psi

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