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SV240 Multi-pot slurry system from Supavac

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The SV240-V Multi-Pot Slurry System, from Supavac  is designed for the offshore drilling industry. As such, it offers the operator total control over the systems energy versus throughput. It has a SV240 capacity which can be used for multiple roles including single pit cleaning tasks and cuttings transfer at high ROPs.

The SV240-V Multi-Pot Slurry System requires a minimum of 150cfm at 85psi for single pot operation up to 600 cfm @ 85psi+ for optimum performance running 4 pots.

The SV240-V Multi-Pot Slurry System provides 25"hg of vacuum whilst generating high inline convey velocities via multiple sequentially operating venturis. When combined with its built in redundancy and a single pallet footprint, these features make it a very versatile system.

The SV240 Multi-Pot Slurry System can transfer heavy sludge with a high solids content up to 30m³/hour+. The SV240 is a vacuum loading pressure discharge system that delivers continuous operation. In addition, it can recover flowable slurries from up to 50 metres and deliver in excess of 500 metres.

The applications of the SV240 Multi-Pot Slurry System include:

  • Thickener de-sludge
  • Hazardous waste recovery
  • Drilling mud and cuttings transfer
  • Transfer of mining slurries
  • Sump and shaft cleaning
  • Tailings and ash pond cleaning
  • Digester and pond cleaning

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