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Pneumatic Slurry Pump SV60-V from Supavac

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The SV60-V Pneumatic Slurry Pump from Supavac is a one man vacuum loading, pressure discharge pump. It is capable or recovering and transferring up to 10,000 litres per hour of almost any material.

SV60-V Pneumatic Slurry Pumps generate over 23"hg of vacuum. When combined with its high airflow, this permits the unit to transfer materials ranging from oil sludge to cementatious powders and grains.

SV60-V Pneumatic Slurry Pump applications include Spillage recovery and transfer; Sump cleaning and desilting; Pneumatic excavation, Bentonite, sand, and cement powders transfer; High solids content (80%+) transfer; and Oil based mud transfer and pit cleaning.

Features of the SV60-V Pneumatic Slurry Pumps:

  • 100% compressed air operation
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Fully portable
  • No moving parts in contact with product
  • Delivers up to 500 metres
  • High vacuum 23"hg+ and airflow
SV60-V Pneumatic Slurry Pump basic technical information:
  • Suction inlet 75mm
  • Discharge outlet 75mm
  • Handles solids to 50mm (2") +
  • Weight: 198 kg
  • Air consumption: 150cfm at 85psi+
  • 23'hg+ vacuum

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