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Drill Cuttings Pump SV400 from Supavac

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The SV400 Drill Cuttings Pumps, from Supavac  were designed mainly for the offshore oil and gas drilling industry. The pumps are capable of recovering up to 40m3/hour of 2.6sg cuttings under vacuum, and delivering them hundreds of metres via 100 mm pipes.

The SV400 Drill Cuttings Pump can transfer mud, sludge and slurry as well as cuttings directly from the shale shakers to skips or bulk tanks. With this pump technology, there is no need to re-slurrify.
When configured correctly the SV400 is capable of operating in line with the high ROIs of todays drilling. It is relatively small.

Features of the SV400 Drill Cuttings Pump:

  • 100% air powered operation
  • Intrinsically safe
  • One man operation
  • Optional top load/gravity feed
  • 400, 600 and 750 cfm jet packs available
  • No internal workings
  • Can be a fixed or mobile system
  • Generates 25"hg using 600cfm@85psi+
SV400 Drill Cuttings Pump basic technical information:
  • Height = 158cm
  • Width = 100cm
  • Length = 186cm
  • Weight = 1000kg
  • Discharge outlet = 100mm
  • Handles solids to 70mm
  • Air consumption 600cfm@85psi+
  • Suction inlet 100mm
SV400 Drill Cuttings Pump applications:
  • Shaker to skip cuttings transfer
  • Hazardous waste recovery
  • Oil sludge residue transfer
  • Vacuum cleaning of tank bottoms
  • Drill mud transfer
  • Pit and sump cleaning

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