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Heating solutions from Sunray Comfort Heating

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Sunray Comfort Heating  has been providing a range of innovative heating systems to its clients in Australia ever since its establishment over twenty years ago. Using these heating systems customers can have warm floors in their homes.

These floor heating systems provide gentle warmth everywhere in the house and raises the floor temperature a little bit above the head temperature this makes the inhabitants feel more comfortable. The heating solutions supplied by Sunray Comfort Heating are widely used in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

The radiant heating solutions from provides many health benefits to customers when installed. The in-screed heating from Sunray Comfort Heating provides warmth quickly, since these heating cables are laid closer to the concrete surface, or any other floor surface like timber and compressed fibre cement sheeting floors.

Sunray Comfort Heating has been involved in the production and installation of energy conserving radiant heating systems and products that are suitable for different applications, such as underfloor off peak heating and radiant ceiling heating. Radiant heating has many advantages over conventional heating techniques radiant heating systems from Sunray Comfort Heating provide warmth to the entire body whereas the conventional heating systems provide warmth only to the upper body.

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