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Heating mats from Sunray Comfort Heating

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Sunray Comfort Heating  underfloor heating systems are manufactured by DEVI a reputed company based in Denmark. Some of the products distributed by Sunray Comfort Heating consist of Deviflex heating cables, Devimat heating mats and the new Devicell Dry insulating plates used for floating timber floor applications. These floors heating can be used in either a new building or can be fitted on top of old flooring, during renovations.

Sunray Comfort Heating specialises in the design, supply and installation of energy efficient radiant heating systems and products like In-Slab Underfloor off peak Heating, demand floor heating systems and Radiant Ceiling Heating, to provide controllable comfort and warmth to every corner of a home or building.

Underfloor heating provides a gentle and pleasant radiant heat starting from the feet, and then radiating in every direction to warm up the entire room including people, surfaces and objects. As this produces minimal air movement, the amount of travelling dust particles is considerably reduced and is therefore suitable for those who suffer with allergies or asthma. The individual electronic thermostat controls and timers in the floor heating systems provide optimum comfort and efficiency with flexibility and energy savings.

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