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Variable speed drives from Sundrive

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The professionals at Sundrive provide quality services to the clients. All the products that Sundrive sells are serviced onsite. The staff at Sundrive regularly undergoes training to keep them abreast of the latest happenings in the market. This allows them to provide a better level of service. Sundrive uses the latest equipment in repairing products. This ensures that the repairs take place fast and do not cause unnecessary delays for the clients.

The FVR-C11S from Sundrive is a variable speed drive that is manufactured by Fuji Electric and offers quality performance in a compact package. The FVR-C11S can be mounted on 35 millimetres IEC compliant DIN rails and has an inbuilt PID control. The FVR-C11S has been primarily designed for fans, blowers, machine tools, conveyors, agitators, mixers, air curtains, window shades, jet baths, dish washers, dumbwaiters and pumps. The FVR-C11S comes in a range of 0.1 kilowatt to 2.2 kilowatt.

The PWM Converter is a double way AC/DC converter that can be used as a DC power supply for Fuji variable speed drives. Some of the advantages of using the PWM Converter are that it helps in rising baking performance, saves energy and it can be connected in parallel to increase the capacity.

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