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Sterling Commerce benchmarks set new standards in order management processing

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Sterling Commerce, a subsidiary of AT&T, released the results of high-volume benchmarks conducted for a large, global retailer that set new standards in order management processing performance.

In the benchmark, the Sterling Customer Order Management application processed an average of 1.4 million order lines per hour and 1.2 million inventory updates per hour.

This represented a projected peak that the retailer expects to reach in five years, but Sterling Commerce software was able to demonstrate that it could handle this volume today.

According to Forrester Research, really pushing the performance benchmark threshold requires running a true application’s specific workload test against the collective piece parts of complete system architecture, including the operating system environment, CPU, memory and I/O aspects of a server system.

The benchmark measured order lines per hour and inventory updates per hour for 200,000 grocery items and 600,000 merchandise items.

The test included a complete end-to-end order process, including creating the order, conducting a fraud check, validating and scheduling the order, confirming shipment and handling invoicing and payment.

The benchmarks were conducted at Sun Microsystems ’ Menlo Park lab using a Sun Fire E25K server and three Sun Fire E6900s, all running UltraSPARC IV+ dual-core processors and the Solaris 10 Operating System (OS).

For 25 years, Sun has been supplying businesses with IT infrastructure that exceeds the demands of their imposing business challenges.

According to Sun Microsystems, hitting the benchmark for retailers is an accomplishment and Sun is proud to share with Sterling Commerce.

This further proves that the current portfolio of Sun UltraSPARC servers, running on the Solaris operating system, can handle the high performance, scalability and availability needs of any business on earth.

According to Sterling Commerce, system scalability and performance are top priorities with many companies looking to replace their first generation order management solutions.

Sterling Commerce prides itself on providing software that has been built from the ground up to deliver not only deep functionality to help its customers solve their complex business problems, but also good performance by leveraging our business process engine that is specifically tuned for high-volume, online transaction processing environments.

Sterling Supply Chain applications suite is a set of integrated applications that enable the synchronisation and coordination of shared business processes for effectively managing demand and supply across an extended network of partners and suppliers.

The result is higher customer loyalty and sales, improved partner and supplier relationship management, and lower supply chain costs.

Sterling customer order management combines all steps of the order lifecycle from order capture through order fulfillment into a single, unified process that encompasses all parties in a customer’s supply chain.

It crosses application and enterprise boundaries to provide a central view of fragmented financial, inventory and logistics processes.

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