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Cost-saving data centre architecture

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SUN Microsystems has announced a data centre architecture that employs a fundamentally different design philosophy to offer customers a clear alternative to costly, complex solutions.

The highlight of the announcement is the Sun FireTM 15K (aka Starcat) server, featuring 106 processors, mainframe-class robustness and claiming more than 300 percent greater system throughput than any competitive UNIX system available now or expected in the next year.

The system breaks ground in two key areas:

An innovative technology to connect all the various system components for maximum system flexibility and application performance; and Sun's newest generation technology to divide and resize a system into many separate segments -- or "servers" -- for optimal management and resource use.

Sun also announced the acquisition of software technology for rehosting mainframe applications, the industry's first integrated platform for mainframe-class computing, and new consolidation and migration services.

The announcement opens up a new $US20 billion business opportunity for Sun to attack the datacentre and mainframe rehosting and consolidation sectors.

The Sun Fire 15K system is claimed to be the only server or mainframe to feature the equivalent of three "switchboards" at the heart of the system that provide dedicated paths between every vital system component.

Sun also demonstrated its fully integrated product platform for rehosting mainframe applications or driving the Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) suite of software for building and deploying services-on-demand.

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