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The Tauro series of air cooled chillers from Matsu provide increased performance efficiency and reliability with a reduced environmental footprint of manufacture. Designed for Australian conditions, the Tauro Series Chillers offer a range of features and benefits to suit a variety of applications.

The Tauro Series Chillers are manufactured with Copeland scroll compressors for their durability and power efficiency

  • Mounted on vibration absorbing grommets
  • Minimal sound and vibration transmission to the chiller frame
  • High discharge temperature and thermal motor protection for increased safety

Shell and Tube evaporators are also used extensively throughout the range from Matsu for greater reliability and lower pressure drop, meaning greater power savings at the water pump.

The series of chillers offer statically and dynamically balanced Proprietary fans and motors

  • High strength injection moulded thermal plastic blades
  • High strength to weight ratio and resistance to corrosion
  • Wide sickle shaped blade profile ensures high efficiency and low noise
  • Optional variable speed drives can further reduce sound at low load, increasing power savings

Carel controllers provide an easy to use user interface with coordinates all Tauro Series Chillers safety features and motor starters

  • Standard controller provides for setpoint adjustment and fault history
  • Minimum and maximum set points locked out
  • Remote start/stop from dry contacts
  • BMS interface and web enabled remote capability via SIM card options

Refrigerant gas HFC 410a reduces the environmental footprint or manufacture, and its high pressure means that R410a chillers require smaller evaporators and condensers than standard chillers.

Configured with top and side air dischargers the Tauros Series Chillers from Matsu offer a range of options

  • Fan VSD
  • Compressor VSD
  • Condenser fin protection
  • PLC controller
  • Specified high level interface
  • Remote sim card login
  • Chilled water pump with optional VSD
  • High ambient air temperature
  • Extended warranty

The Tauro chiller series is supported Australia wide by the Matsu comprehensive national service network.

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