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Summit Matsu’s chiller units and Grove Fruit Juice - tantalising the taste buds

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Matsu Chilling Systems  have provided a reliable chiller unit solution for Grove Fruit Juice, supplying the company with two air cooled chiller units that are used for process cooling at several stages of production.

Grove’s purpose built processing and distribution factory is positioned midway between Australia’s summer and winter citrus growing areas. Grove takes pride in using quality fruit drawn from these areas dependent on seasonal quality and blends its oranges to ensure that the product is of a high quality. This process means that Grove requires large, efficient, reliable chiller units at almost every stage of production.

When Grove sought to expand their operations, they called in Australian company, Summit Matsu Chillers to design and manufacture the air cooled units.

A shared commitment to quality and service meant that bringing together Summit Matsu Chillers and Grove Fruit Juice resulted in the creation of an efficient and reliable cooling system for a range of processes.

The two air cooled units that Summit Matsu Chillers supplied are used to chill brine which is pumped through other heat exchangers to cool a series of processes including after pasteurising, water chilling and product chilling as well as refrigerating the cool rooms at the site.

The reliability of the equipment is paramount to the product quality of the juices processed at Grove. Using quality parts and suppliers means that Summit Matsu Chillers’ products are reliable and are designed and tested to withstand irregular environmental demands.

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