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Summit Matsu industrial water chillers provide data centre cooling solution

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article image The industrial water chiller at FuelVfx

A chiller supplied by Summit Matsu Chillers for the data centre of a post-production studio in Sydney, Australia has been safely and efficiently keeping their equipment cool.

Data storage and processing are vital components in post production work for television and film. Masses of visual and audio files are stored for retrieval, requiring significant amounts of storage space.

Data centres can get extremely hot with an increasing number of storage terminals at work. Keeping the data storage centres at optimal temperature is critical, hence the need for an effective chiller.

Summit Matsu Chillers provides chillers to address this expanding need for data centre cooling.

FuelVfx is an Australian company working with clients and artists in visual effects and post production, covering areas such as television commercials and feature films. The studio is based in Newtown Sydney, and located in the refurbished Trocadero building on King Street.

With a portfolio of TV commercials for high profile clients such as Lexus, Canon, Toyota and Optus as well as post production on feature films such as Iron Man 2 and the Baz Luhrmann epic Australia, FuelVfx is a leader in Australia’s post-production industry.

Summit Matsu Chillers worked in conjunction with Network Data Solutions to supply FuelVfx with a chiller for their data centre equipment cooling needs. The chiller had to be custom designed since it needed to work with the pre-existing layout of the heritage-listed building.

The Chief Technical Officer of FuelVfx, Dylan Penhale said in a recent interview that "the Comms room is critical for what we do. Without that everybody would have to go home; an hour or two of downtime and that would be a major problem for us."

He further emphasised that "running a high temperature in there is just not an option," addressing the need for an effective chiller in the data centre environment.

Dylan Penhale said that the move into the new building allowed them the opportunity to plan from the start and do it properly. He pointed out that data centre cooling was very important to their business operations and it was absolutely essential that the room was cooled by a chiller.

He also said that he has never had the opportunity to go into the data centre since there has never been an alert for rising temperature after the installation of the Summit Matsu chiller. With the growing demands of data centres and the increasing volume of both used and archived data storage, a cooling solution, provided in this case by a Summit Matsu chiller, is far more than a convenience but rather a necessity in data centres.

Summit Matsu Chillers has ensured that the client has been given an outstanding chiller designed, engineered and manufactured right here in Australia.

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