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Summit Matsu industrial chiller helps move pharmaceutical company iCeutica forward

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article image iCeutica use their industrial chiller to ensure an optimal operating temperature for their pilot sized ball mill

iCeutica have recently begun using their Summit Matsu chiller to ensure optimal operating temperatures for their pilot sized ball mill. Summit Matsu Chillers has provided this state of the art chiller to cool the jacket of a pilot scale ball mill at the company's Perth laboratory.

With operations in Philadelphia, USA and Perth, iCeutica is a specialist drug company with the objective to rapidly develop reformulations of commercially successful pharmaceutical grade compounds, by utilising its unique annoreformulation technology.

iCeutica's SoluMatrix platform is the key to solving intractable solubility and bioavailability problems and provides options to rapidly increase the rate of absorption of drugs, reduce the dose required for a desired effect, and remove the variability associated with food for many pharmaceuticals products.

iCeutica is using the chiller to ensure an optimal operating temperature for this ball mill, which is used to crush and refine compounds. The company decided to approach Summit Matsu Chillers for their cooling solution instead of a traditional lab equipment supplier. And this has worked in iCeutica’s favour where they were able to obtain this chiller at a very competitive price point.

A ball mill is a cylindrical device used for grinding or mixing materials; the ball mill rotates around a horizontal axis, and is partially filled with the material to be ground plus a grinding medium which can be comprised of ceramic balls, flint pebbles or stainless steel balls.

The internal cascading effect reduces the material to a fine powder and the high friction levels within the ball mill create a significant amount of heat as a by product, hence the requirement for a chiller. With temperatures in iCeuticaʼs ball mill reaching as high as 80°C within ten minutes of operation, it was vital to employ a reliable, high quality chiller to moderate the temperatures inside the ball mill, thereby protecting both the machine and the materials from overheating.

Choosing Sydney based chiller manufacturing company Summit Matsu Chillers instead of a traditional lab equipment supply company allowed iCeutica more freedom in their specification and design suited specifically for their needs.

Adrian Russel, Research Operations Manager at iCeutica, commented that choosing a Summit Matsu Chillers chiller has a variety of benefits when compared to dedicated lab chiller suppliers.

“They look swanky and glossy, but the specialty lab chillers cost more than $10,000 more than the Summit Matsu chiller which does exactly the same job,” says Russel.

Russel also pointed to the variety of chillers and cooling capacities which Summit Matsu Chillers offered, noting that should the need arise for another chiller unit or an upgrade there was always the option to expand now that a relationship had been established.

Summit Matsu Chillers design, engineer and build chillers renowned for their reliability, quality and durability, with over 40 years experience in the customised cooling industry.

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