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Summit Matsu chiller plant crucial to the operation of Sea Worlds newest ride

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Matsu Chilling Systems  have recently supplied a reliable chiller plant to well known Gold Coast marine mammal park, Sea World.

The Gold Coast's Sea World recently developed a new thrilling called the Jet Rescue Ride, the operation of which is reliant on one of Summit Matsu’s chiller plants.

The Jet Rescue Ride is made up of a chain of real life replicas of Jet Skis which allows patrons to experience the excitement of riding a Jet Ski in a safe environment while still enjoying the adrenaline rush. The ride operates on a track at 70km/h, travelling along a looping track which takes riders into a blow hole cave where they are sent on a mission to save a sea lion.

The ride is a key feature in Sea World’s conservation and marine awareness program, which aims to raise the public profile of conservation issues in Australia.

Summit Matsu Chillers provided the air cooled chiller plant which works to keep the ride’s hydraulic oil cool. The need for such a reliable piece of equipment at the Sea World site is imperative. When asked about the consequences of the chiller plant breaking down, a Sea World representative stated that the ride "simply wouldn't run".

The Sea World site itself presents challenges to the durability of any piece of chiller plant equipment. The corrosive environment of Sea World's location means that machinery is susceptible to oxidisation and deterioration at a rapid rate.

Summit Matsy Chillers overcame this with their continued commitment to research and development, combined wtihtheir experience in designing cooling solutions for difficult applications.

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