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Summit Matsu chiller helps Australian grower keep cool

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In a climate as harsh and variable as Australia’s, Summit Matsu are helping growers of fresh produce keep the temperature down with chillers designed for the unique demands of the country’s conditions.

Keeping temperatures at a constant level is a challenge faced by the growers of fresh produce nation wide. With high humidity and highly variable weather patterns between seasons, produce which is sensitive to ambient temperatures during the growth and processing stages is at risk of being untenable without a reliable and exact cooling system.

Parilla Fresh, a grower of fresh sprouts for the Sydney and Melbourne markets, knows of this problem all too well. Maintaining product quality requires washing their sprouts every two hours with over two and a half thousand litres of water to remove any excess heat which would destroy their development. “We need to keep the water at a very specific, constant temperature at all times or the shoots wouldn’t survive the night” Production Manager Matthew Szenczy commented.

Achieving the correct water temperature is not a simple task but engineers from Summit Matsu Chilling Systems have worked with Parilla Fresh to calculate the precise cooling load necessary to cater to the company’s needs. The installation of a 12kW, UMWC-7-12 chiller allows Parilla Fresh to maintain product quality year round by ensuring that the water used on the sprouts is the correct temperature. Daniel Rollston, General Manager of Summit Matsu noted that the company thrived on working with customers to provide them with customised, energy efficient solutions for the most challenging and sensitive environments.  

Summit Matsu Chilling Systems manufacture and distribute water chillers Australia wide for air conditioning, industrial processes, food processing, petrochemical applications, scientific uses, and process cooling machinery for all types of applications.

Summit Matsu Chilling Systems also commission and service from 2kW to 1200kW water chillers Australia wide and throughout the Middle East.

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