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Summit Matsu Chillers supporting Australian manufacturing industry by supplying industrial chillers

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article image Summit Matsu offers industrial water chillers in 2kW to 1200kW varieties

Summit Matsu Chillers  prides itself on providing a wide range of competitively priced and high quality industrial chillers to the Australian manufacturing industry, including companies such as Golden Mile Jewellery Manufacturers and Tyree Industries.

Golden Mile Jewellery Manufacturers is an Australian jewellery manufacturer which has developed an additional new procedure using a diamond cutting machine to create diamond shapes into golden Jewellery. This new diamond cutting procedure required an industrial water chiller to assist in the diamond cutting process.

Summit Matsu Chillers supplied Golden Mile with the industrial chiller required to freeze the gold metal onto the chamber of a diamond cutting machine ice lathe. The industrial chiller cools the chamber via piping from an ambient air temperature of 20ºC to -5 ºC. The Lathe machine spins a block of material for cutting, such as diamond cutting into gold metal in this instance.

Director at Golden Mile, Hamper Ernagan, says there are many advantages of having Summit Matsu Chillers as their industrial water chiller supplier.

“The biggest advantage of having Summit Matsu Chillers as our supplier is the fact that they were local,” says Ernagan.

This way, Golden Mile was able to contact Summit Matsu Chillers to obtain any technical information they required in similar business hours. Locality was important for organising service and maintenance of their industrial water chiller by service people that were familiar with the water chillers and who would be able to maintain the water chillers in the best working order for the duration of the chillers life.

The industrial water chiller has performed reliably since installation in late 2009 and Ernagan has found the staff at Summit Matsu Chillers to be punctual, professional, friendly and reliable in all his dealings with them.

Tyree Industries is an Australian owned company that designs and manufactures medium voltage electrical products for electricity networks. The Tyree Power Transformer manufacturing division of Tyree Industries acquired a 3 kW air cooled industrial water chiller from Summit Matsu Chillers for use in their manufacturing process of power transformers.

After purchasing new install equipment for their Power Transformer manufacturing, an industrial water chiller was required in order for the power transformer manufacturing to be carried out as efficiently as possible.

In the power transformer manufacturing process, the industrial water chiller is used for cooling a hot stream of process gas which is used in the annealing furnace. The annealing furnace is a process in semiconductor fabrication, which involves heating semiconductor wafers to have an effect on their electrical properties. The industrial water chiller is the primary means of chilling the gas stream by chilling a closed circuit water supply which runs through a water to air inter cooler using the cold water in the inter cooler to cool the gas. The process gas can reach up to 45ºC and must be cooled down to 2ºC, which requires a reliable industrial water chiller.

Industries that Summit Matsu Chillers service with 2kW to 1200kW industrial water chillers include:

  • food
  • HVAC
  • plastics
  • data centres
  • packaging
  • engineering
  • pharmaceuticals
  • science.

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