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Summit Matsu Chillers manufactures a 30 kW industrial water chiller for Divex Asia Pacific

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A 30 kW industrial water chiller was manufactured by Summit Matsu Chilling Systems   for Divex Asia Pacific to be used in conjunction with their sub sea deployed at the bottom of the ocean in the case of emergencies to rescue divers.

The industrial water chiller plays a part in the rescue process by providing a cool air supply to the hyperbaric rescue chamber.

Divers all over the world use Divex Asia Pacific equipment while working on oil rigs, fixing pylons and laying cables that lie on the ocean floor. Given the danger and risks involved in this line of work, preventative measures had to be taken to reduce these risks.The industrial water chiller is used as part of a rescue strategy to prevent divers from being left permanently under pressure through ceased support from aboard the ship to which they are connected.

Aboard the diving ship is a support rescue boat and a hyperbaric rescue chamber, a sealable diving chamber with a pressure vessel and an air compressor to raise the internal air pressure. The water tide environment in the hyperbaric chambers enable divers to decompress and they remain there until they are rescued.

The industrial water chiller ensures the chamber air temperature is comfortable for the divers in the mean time, prevents over heating and supplies chilled air. The air environment in the hyperbaric rescue chamber can reach anywhere between 40 to 50 degrees Celsius and the industrial water chiller brings this temperature right down to 25 degrees. This enables divers in the rescue hyperbaric chamber to remain in a comfortable environment, where they can breathe easily and avoid death resulted from overheating, lack of oxygen and dehydration.

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