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Summit Matsu Chillers Improve Product Quality at Chocolate Manufacturer

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Summit Matsu Chilling Systems has played a key role at Dullo Chocolates to offer the Australian market with fine quality, hand made chocolates by providing an industrial water chiller needed to maintain product quality.     

Dullo Chocolates have produced fine quality chocolates for the Australian market since 1937, specialising in milk, white and dark chocolates for corporate, retail and contract manufacturing clients. In order to ensure that their product is only of the highest standard, Dullo produce their own chocolate on site using only the finest quality ingredients.  

When Dullo needed to update their processing equipment they looked to Summit Matsu Chilling Systems to provide the industrial water chiller necessary to safeguard production. In the manufacturing process, the ingredients are worked together in the machine overnight, producing a large amount of heat and to cool the chocolate and stop it from burning the Summit Matsu industrial water chiller pumps cold water through the system to maintain a consistent temperature to prevent the product from spoiling. 

A reliable and energy efficient industrial water chiller unit is essential to the process as it allows for a full 24 hours working period without running the risk of the product burning. Therefore increasing the number of batches that the company can produce and lowering costs by reducing energy consumption.

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