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Nation-wide water chiller maintenance and service

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Process refrigeration and industrial water chiller company Matsu Chilling Systems , also known as Summit Refrigeration Products, has implemented a new nation-wide Preventative Chiller Maintenance and Service program out of every Australian capital city.

Services now offered include chiller service, chiller maintenance, air conditioning systems service, refrigeration plant service, pump service and fans service.

In most capital cities 24 hour emergency chiller or plant breakdown service is also available.

General Manager Daniel Rollston said one of the reasons for the new offering was the number of Summit chillers that Matsu Chilling Systems were coming across. Rollston said that summit chillers are everywhere, and in his experience there was little or no reliable service for them. Matsu Chilling Systems used to manufacture under the name Summit chillers for many years so it was a natural step for it to go into the service side, says Rollston.

There are five main reasons preventative chiller maintenance and service makes sense, according to Mr. Rollston.

Firstly, machinery life can be increased. By regularly maintaining chiller machines, electrics, gas, keeping condensers clean and maintaining lubricant levels machinery life is extended.

Secondly there is the peace of mind that goes with this. Regular chiller and plant service equals greater reliability, and there is the security of knowing that 24 hour chiller service is also available.

Thirdly, more reliable chillers relates directly to quality assurance. For manufacturing companies, chillers that don't break down means that plant production is consistent with no variations in product quality.

For service organisations such as hospitals, disruption to normal services due to plant failure is virtually eliminated.

Fourthly there are the implications for production planning. Plant downtime can be planned for during quieter times, or chiller service can be undertaken during plant outages reducing the risk of losing essential chiller capacity at an unknown time.

Finally, capital expenditure can be planned for - by knowing when machinery is close to the end of its life purchases can be budgeted and planned for.

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