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Matsu cooling system used to cool plunge pool for football players recovery process

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Matsu Chilling Systems have manufactured a cooling system used to keep the Adelaide Football Club plunge pool at a low temperature to assist in part of the football player's recovery process.
It is found that higher levels of metabolic waste cause muscles to contract which can result in muscle injury in individual performance. By submerging themselves in a plunge pool kept at a low temperature, football players enhance their body's recovery process by reducing the metabolic waste that builds up in their body, which can otherwise lead to a lower quality of performance.

"Exhaustive training and competition can potentially fatigue the musculoskeletal, nervous and metabolic systems, as well as produce delayed onset muscle soreness, which can compromise subsequent performance,” writes Jeremy Ingram in an article from a May 2009 Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport.

Participating in recovery activities such as the plunge pool enables the professional footballers to maintain their body at peak performance to remain competitive when playing football for the Adelaide Football Club.

The Summit Matsu Chillers cooling system is connected to the plunge pool directly via piping and a pump to provide cooling to the water in the plunge pool. The water in the pool is reduced from approximately 20ºC, to 11ºC, making the water in the pool cool enough to have a significant positive impact on the football player’s recovery process.

The way the plunge pool works is by decreasing skin and muscle temperature causing vasoconstriction which reduces any pain or aches in muscles or joints. In addition to this it can reduce tiredness from stress and improve the ability for athletes to fall asleep, which will overall increase the athletes strength and performance when it comes to playing football.

This cooling system provides the cool water which is the key ingredient to reduce the metabolic wastage which enables the Adelaide Football players to play at their personal best consistently for each game.

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