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Matsu chiller unit for Bob White Electrix

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Bob White Electrix called upon Matsu Chilling Systems  (Summit Matsu) to provide them with the 240 volt air cooled chiller unit which they use in their welding process.

Bob White Electrix is an Australian company located in Victoria that provides mechanical and electrical services. Their main service is repairing electric motor generator coils, however they also offer maintenance services for rotating electrical equipment. At Bob White Electrix only highly trained technical personnel and expert trade’s people are hired to ensure consistent excellence in their service delivery.

In Bob White Electrix’ welding process a piece of copper is heated up to 600 degrees, once this temperature is reached the copper must be cooled down as soon as possible to avoid burning paper, this is when the chiller unit is required. The main function of the chiller unit in the welding process is to enable a very low temperature to be maintained in order to cool the boiling hot welded joint as soon as it is finished being welded.

Since the chiller unit’s implementation, it has performed its intended function and there has been no problems experienced with the air cooled chiller. When asking Jamie Cockerill, a supervisor at Bob White Electrix what the implication of a chiller unit break down would be he was quick to say “Major, Catastrophic, the chiller (unit) plays a key role in our business process.”

This is yet another case of a business’ relying on Summit Matsu Chillers to carry out their everyday business emphasising how important it is to have a reliable chiller unit supplier.

Jamie Cockerill continued to comment about their satisfaction with Summit Matsu Chillers he said his experience was “very good, we found we needed a chiller very late in the project, so

we ordered the chiller and received it very quickly!” Jamie’s chiller unit was delivered within two weeks of making a request, the quick and quality service delivery enabling them to begin their welding process needed to carry out their maintenance and reparation services. Without the unit their business would have been delayed to begin operation. So as a direct result of Summit Matsu’s prompt service response, Bob White Electrix was able to begin their operations almost straight away.

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