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Matsu Chilling Systems for iCeutica

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Nanotechnology company iCeutica were in need of a reliable chiller system to cool the jacket of a pilot scale ball mill used at their Perth Laboratory. Matsu Chilling Systems  were able to provide iCeutica with a reliable, economical air – cooled chiller system for this project.

With operations in Philadelphia, USA and Perth, Australia, iCeutica is a specialist drug company, whose objective is to rapidly develop reformulations of commercially successful compounds, utilising its unique anno-reformulation technology. iCeutica’s SoluMatrix platform is the key to solving intractable solubility and bioavailability problems and provides options to rapidly increase the rate of absorption of drugs, reduce the dose required for a desired effect, and remove the variability associated with food for many pharmaceuticals products.

When iCeutica needed to purchase an air-cooled chiller system to moderate the temperature of their pilot sized ball mill, which is used to crush and refine compounds, they veered away from the path of using a traditional lab equipment supplier.

Choosing Sydney based chiller system manufacturing company Summit Matsu Chillers instead of a traditional lab equipment supply company allowed iCeutica far more freedom in their specification and they made significant financial savings. By selecting a chiller system manufacturing company based in Sydney rather than a traditional lab equipment company iCeutica gained more freedom in their specification in addition to having made significant financial savings.

Adrian Russel is the Research Operations Manager for iCeutica, he spoke of the benefits of buying a Summit Matsu air – cooled chiller system rather than traditional lab chiller suppliers “They look swanky and glossy,” Mr Russell stated, “but the specialty lab chillers cost more than $10,000 more than the Summit Matsu air-cooled chiller (systems) which does exactly the same job.”

He continued on to talk about the large variety of chiller systems as well as cooling capacities that Summit Matsu Chillers manufacture “So should we need to buy another unit or upgrade, there is always that option to expand and the relationship with the company is already established.”

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