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Industrial water coolers from Matsu Chilling Systems

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Robert Mann have purchased a 100 kW air cooled industrial water cooler from Matsu Chilling Systems . It is used for their computer room air conditioning. Currently Robert Mann offers building solutions, mechanical services, fit out, design, construction engineering, project management, and other trades.

Summit Matsu Chillers were pleased to supply this well established company with custom designed industrial water coolers which are now relied upon for their computer room cooling. The industrial water cooler is relied on for high density cooling and cools the computer room down to 15 degrees from the external ambient air temperature via pipe work. This is a straightforward example of solutions Summit Matsu Chillers can provide where the external ambient air temperature is too high to carry out business processes. The industrial water cooler can be custom designed and easily installed to reach and maintain the required air temperature.

The industrial water coolers designed and built by Summit Matsu Chillers have a proven track record of providing long term solutions to business needs. In addition to manufacturing quality industrial water coolers, Summit Matsu Chillers offer installation assistance, and preventative maintenance service to ensure customers are receiving the maximum value and production from their industrial water coolers.

Other industries that Summit Matsu Chillers serve include plastics, chemicals, mining, pharmaceuticals, packaging, scientific and so forth. Summit Matsu Chillers have the expertise, experience and capability to custom design high quality industrial water coolers.

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