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How to make chocolate on a large scale: invest in a chiller system

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When making chocolate for one person it is simple to get by without a chiller system, however when businesses must manufacture chocolate for distribution world wide, a chiller system is required for such large scale operations. This is why Tuscany Farms purchased a 70 kW chiller system from Matsu Chilling Systems  early in 2009 when Tuscany Farms expanded their operations to also manufacture chocolates in addition to their current product offerings.

Tuscany Farms is an Australian owned group of companies that together make up one of the largest suppliers to the food industry and food services sector in both Australia and New Zealand. Products include butter, cheese, chocolate, dairy powders, egg pulp, specialty gourmet foods and commodity products. The company has grown since establishment in the 1970s from being a small poultry farm. The various offers from Tuscany Farms include chocolates, from Tuscany Chocolates, Tuscany Foods, Swaggmans Specialty Foods, Tuscany Fresh, Tuscany Pet Foods and a joint venture with Hypro – Australia.

Early 2009 saw the opening of Tuscany Farms latest division, Tuscany Chocolates. The new facility dedicated to chocolate manufacturing, offers a range of premium quality chocolate products to the food industry and food service sector. With the establishment of their new chocolate division, Tuscany Chocolates required a 70 kW chiller system from Summit Matsu Chillers in order for the chocolate to be set after its manufacturing process. By using a chiller system from Summit Matsu Chillers the company was able to maintain product quality during the cooling stage and reduce production time.

Chocolate is made at over 40º C and then placed into moulds. The chocolate then needs to be cooled to less than 14º C for setting and packing. In order to set the chocolate the moulds are placed on a conveyor which passes through a cooling tunnel. The cooling tunnel provides chilled air by way of air to water heat exchangers. The chiller system is crucial to this process as it maintains the temperature of the chilled water in the heat exchangers. After packing the chocolates are then moved to a cold store prior to shipment.

Tuscany foods has delivered their food products across the globe since the year 2000, providing overseas countries with access to a variety of quality foods which they don’t have in their local cities. Tuscany Chocolates has been reviewed by Jennings as a success so far, and the company is continually expanding, having acquired more chocolate manufacturing equipment including cooling tunnels which will require two extra chiller systems. Investing in more manufacturing equipment will allow Tuscany foods to manufacture chocolate on a larger scale to meet the increased demand of their quality chocolates.

Summit Matsu Chillers is an Australian company which has worked in the industry for over 50 years to have established and maintained their reputation as leading manufactures of chiller systems. This is mirrored in the satisfaction of their customers who rely on the chiller systems for the efficient and quality equipment used in their manufacturing operations.

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