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Even in Japan Summit Matsu Chillers translates to chiller system quality

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article image Air – cooled chiller for data centre cooling by Summit Matsu

Matsu Chilling Systems  (Summit Matsu) have received recognition on a global scale as a leading chiller system manufacturer.

Summit Matsu Chillers was thrilled to hear that they had been featured in Japan Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration News (JARN) magazine (November 25, 2009) as a leading chiller system manufacturer. The article even prompted management at market leading controller company Carel to make contact with Summit Matsu Chillers to offer congratulations, and ensure Carel chiller system controllers would continue to be used.

Summit Matsu Chillers was honoured to hear that their business has grown to the point that even people in Japan are writing about them as a leading manufacturer. Nowadays even in Japan Summit Matsu Chillers translates to quality chillers.

JARN magazine is the only English magazine in Japan that publishes information about the Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration industry market products, new technology, major trade shows, and various promotional activities by the global industry leaders. The magazine has been publishing since February 1969 and since this time has become a well informed source for decision makers to turn to for advice on choosing products and services within the industry.

JARN magazine is distributed to countries in Asia, Europe, America, Central and South America, Oceania, and Africa. Readers purchase the magazine to receive advice on what companies they should select to purchase from, as well as to find out the latest news and technologies throughout the world in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. A leading Japanese Air Conditioning manufacturer that reads JARN said that “the news and reports in JARN are authoritative, impartial, and objective.” This emphasizes the credibility and reliability of the information presented to readers of JARN magazine. A Brazilian Refrigeration Equipment and system manufacturer stated that “JARN can give us timely information on the latest trends in this industry and introduces our products to the customers worldwide.” This statement goes even further to point out how readers rely on JARN magazine as a medium to communicate world standards by providing the latest information on where to find the best products to date within the industry.

The credibility of JARN magazine recognised throughout the world emphasizes how significant it is for Summit Matsu Chillers to have been named as a leading manufacturer of chiller systems.

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