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Engine coolant manufacturing relies on industrial chillers from Matsu Chilling Systems

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Canadian company, Recochem Inc recently purchased a 75 kW industrial chiller from Matsu Chilling Systems for use in the manufacturing of their engine coolant which is just one of the many chemical manufacturing processes that occurs at Recochems Brisbane plant.

As part of Recochems engine coolant manufacturing process they need to heat the blends to increase the solubility for some of the ingredients, these industrial chillers provide a cooling loop to reduce the temperature in order to proceed to the next stage of the process.  The industrial chillers cool 25,000 litres of water used in a closed circuit loop to a heat exchanger which exchanges heat between the chilled water and the process fluid. The external ambient air temperature at summer time in Brisbane reaches approximately 35 degrees celsius and 20 degrees celsius in winter time.  By using  industrial chillers from Summit Matsu Chillers, Recochem has been able to maintain production temperatures during blending, leading to a higher and more consistent quality of finished product.

Richard Robinson, National Operations Manager of Recochem agreed that Summit Matsu Chillers had been reliable, professional, and punctual in all aspects of their dealings with them.  Robinson described the industrial chiller manufacturing as “prompt service with the supply of the chiller” and continued to talk about Summit Matsu Chillers maintenance offering as “good service when we needed it.”  A final benefit of Summit Matsu Chillers being local Australian suppliers which Robinson said was a left field statement, but a benefit none the less was that the employees were “English speaking service staff, so when we needed to talk to them about what the problems were they were easy to interact with.”

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