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MATSU Chilling Systems has released its new 2006 range of water chillers specifically for the concrete industry.

Improvements to the new water chillers include a rigid steel frame, skid mount for fork-lift access and damage resistant all weather controls.

All internal components are mounted to facilitate frequent movement of the chiller from location to location.

The water chiller is designed specifically for batch concrete plants where the location of the chiller changes.

"After inquiries for machines like this from companies like Australian Contract Mining, Wagners Concrete, Thiess and Boral, we realised there was a very real need for this type of chiller,” said General Manager Daniel Rollston.

“The Matsu Chilling Systems machine is superior to other concrete water chillers because it is designed from the ground up for rugged conditions.

“Other chillers might be used here, but their life time is limited. Matsu Chilling Systems’ compressors are rubber mounted, copper piping is flexible and designed for vibration and the rigid frame ensures damage to the chiller is near impossible."

Matsu fluid chillers and water chillers are used for applications such as concrete batch cooling, extrusion cooling, process cooling, humidity and temperature regulation, motor cooling, laser cooling, autoclav cooling, mine shaft cooling and ventilation and air handling systems.

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