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Chiller systems from Matsu Chilling Systems used in manufacturing process for mining screens

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Matsu Chilling Systems  recently supplied Screenex Australia with the chiller systems used in Melbourne and Perth for two similar mining screen manufacturing projects.

Screenex has designed their polyurethane mining screens into sections so if any section of the screen breaks only that section will require replacement rather than the entire screen. This helps to reduce the amount of time needed for maintenance and associated costs significantly. As mining screens must be of a consistently high quality to be used in the mining industry, chiller systems used in the manufacturing process of the mining screens has to be of equally good quality to enable Screenex to continue manufacturing a high quality product.

Screenex Australia purchased three chilling systems from Matsu Chilling Systems for use in both their Melbourne and Perth plants. In Melbourne two 125 kW chiller systems with a tank and pump unit were manufactured, and in Perth a 76 kW chiller system was supplied.

In Melbourne and Perth the chiller systems were used for identical applications. These chiller systems are used to supply chilled water to polyurethane horizontal plastic injection moulding machines to keep the dies, moulds and hydraulics cool via a heat exchanger. Here the chiller system keeps the injection moulding at a constant temperature of 18 to 24 degrees Celsius as the dies have to be cooled quickly after the parts are moulded so they can be quickly injected. The chiller systems’ role in this process enables Screenex to manufacture the polyurethane and create a reliable, long life, product of consistent high quality to supply their customers with.

Matsu Chilling Systems design chiller systems to meet the varied specifications of customers requiring a chiller system in their business operations.

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