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18-130kW Industrial Chillers from Summit Matsu Chillers

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article image 8-Series industrial chillers can reliably cool water down to 0ºC without the need for glycol

Summit Matsu Chillers provide high quality, high performing and robust chiller systems, presenting the 18kW-130kW 8-Series chiller. Their durable and reliable design allow these chillers to be implemented in large scale industrial, corporate and medical applications.

Features of the 18-130kW 8-Series chillers include:

  • capabilities to cool equipment, data centres, racks, pharmaceuticals and food manufacturing equipment
  • three phase power
  • optional PLC control upgrade and high level interface with rigid steel frame
  • optional harsh environmental applications such as stainless panels and copper condensers for extended chiller life
  • inbuilt tank and pump
  • -10ºC to +25ºC chiller water temperature supplied; and
  • chiller reliably brings water temperature down to 0ºC without glycol.

The 8-Series chiller from Summit Matsu Chillers provides high performance cooling for large scale operations and various applications, making it the clear choice in cooling solutions.

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