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16 KW Air Cooling System from Matsu Chilling Systems

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Matsu Chilling Systems  provides a wide range of water chiller for the wine industry. Victoria University provides both Tafe and High school students with educational courses and facilities. Their qualifications obtained are recognised on both local and global basis.

The University has research facilities, where studies are undertaken with the aim of developing new technologies which can be applied to and improve industry in advancing their offerings.

Victoria University acquired a 16 kW air cooled process cooling system that was manufactured by Summit Matsu Chillers for use in their Pilot Plant Research Facility. The Pilot Plant Facility for research focuses on water research including water treatment and water reuse. The purpose of the research is to experiment on new water treatment technologies and to measure the potential use for industries such as water utilities. One part of research that is undergone at Victoria University using the process cooling system is desalination where freshwater is removed out of saltwater.

The process cooling system is used in various different processes for different research experiment applications.  The experiments can involve cooling water down to 20 degrees or 5 degrees depending on the application.  

A challenge that was faced by Victoria University in the design specification for their process cooling system to be applied to their experiments was that it was required to cool down salty water and it cannot be done because the process cooling system can only cool down clean water. Engineers at Summit Matsu Chillers had to obtain a heat exchanger so the process cooling system first cooled the heat exchanger and then the heat exchanger could be used separately to cool the salt water. The process cooling system works by using a pump which circulates around, cooling the cold fresh water stream going around in circles, the chiller then cools the salty water through the circuit using the clean water circuit through the heat exchanger.

The business model at Summit Matsu Chillers prioritises high-quality components for manufacturing, skilled employees and convenient service plans operational Australia wide in order to provide the overall package in comparison to other process cooling suppliers.  Being a local manufacturer in Sydney, Australia gives customers close contact and communication capabilities with Summit Matsu Chillers, especially if engineers need to be spoken to in order to address any technical aspects of the process cooling.

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