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Sullair’s new service programs for compressed air systems

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article image The Titanium Cover guarantees a two-hour response time, and incurs no after-hours call-out fee or on-site labour charges

Compressed air specialist, Sullair Australia introduces a market-leading selection of new service coverage packages for its compressed air systems.  

Available in a choice of three service cover levels, Titanium, Platinum and Gold, the new service programs are designed to offer aftermarket care on Sullair compressed air products. Sullair also offers innovative package features to optimise service delivery to the end user.  

Sullair’s new service programs aim to make compressed air equipment servicing a streamlined experience for end users.  

Titanium Cover
Titanium Cover includes a 10-year warranty for the compressor and the dryer. This service package includes one major service, two minor services and an annual independent lab test every year in addition to providing users with a premium response hotline phone number.  

Titanium members are given the option to reduce costs by paying for services upfront, and will accrue loyalty points that can be redeemed for special offers, training or air/energy audits.  

A key benefit of the Titanium Cover is the guaranteed two-hour response time with no additional charges for after-hours call-out or on-site labour. The Titanium-Plus Cover is specifically designed for users with high-use facilities from double shifts to 24/7 operations.  

Platinum Cover
Platinum Cover offers a five-year warranty and fixed-price, pay-as-you-go servicing in the package. In addition to providing long-term savings, this service program also enables end-users to maintain a tight budgetary control on servicing costs by understanding upfront the fixed price of each service.  

The Platinum Cover also incorporates a loyalty rewards program.  

Gold Cover
Gold Cover is an ideal service package for less business-critical applications and offers economical options to customers. This program incorporates a two-year warranty and variable-price pay-as-you-go servicing.  

According to Sullair Executive Manager Aftermarket, Daryl Edwards, the expanded selection of service options enables the company to fine-tune its compressed air services to precisely match the needs of the end user.  

Sullair Australia has invested in several advanced technologies to facilitate the rollout and implementation of these innovative and customer-focussed service programs.  

Sullair is equipped with handheld electronic service devices and GPS-trackable service vehicles, and has also introduced centralised service scheduling at the company’s Customer Response Centre in Melbourne. Every user service booking is tracked through Sullair’s Customer Relationship Management software so that customers are called ahead of time to schedule next services to maintain their equipment in optimum condition.  

Edwards also says that the Titanium, Platinum and Gold service packages have been developed to provide customers with the options they need for their compressed air equipment.

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