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Sullair’s V-Series Variable Speed Drive Compressors Maximise Performance and Save Energy

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article image Champion VSD compressors from Sullair Australia maximises efficiency and energy savings

Sullair Australia  has launched the V-Series family of variable speed drive compressors. Sullair is Australia’s leading air compressor technology group.  

The Champion V-Series range of variable speed drive compressors features Optimal Flux Technology to provide precise and dynamic calibration between drive and motor, minimising losses and maximising performance as well as energy savings.  

Optimal Flux Technology in the V-Series variable speed drive compressors eliminates the need for forced ventilation and cooling as well as torque de-rating.  

Extensive testing of the drive and motor has shown that the temperature of the motor can be reduced by as much as 11ºC, significantly lowering energy consumption on cooling and ventilation for the compressor.  

The MEPS-2 compliant motor incorporates spike-resistant wire to minimise the impact of voltage surges on start-up, thereby increasing the longevity of the motor.  

The variable speed capabilities of the drive and motor ensure that the motor is running at optimum capacity, regardless of the compressor demands.  

According to Andrew Dove, Design Engineer with Sullair Australia, a load on/load off compressor is more suited to applications where air demand is relatively constant.  

The Champion range of VSD compressors is the ideal compressor for varying load applications such as where production shift changes or changes in use of equipment create demand highs and lows. VSD compressors are more efficient under these conditions and save users significantly on energy bills.  

Key features: 

  • V-Series compressors offer a range of operating specifications that are ideal for variable load conditions
  • The smallest unit, CSF18V delivers rates of up to 51 L/s and comprises of an 18.5 kW motor with working pressures between 7.5 to 13 bar
  • The heavy-weight model, CSE45V has a 45 kW motor and working pressures of 7.5 to 13 bar with delivery rate of up to 123 L/s 
  • IP54 rated enclosure
  • Sullair airend technology
  • Extended warranty and service options

V-Series variable speed drive compressors are designed to deliver robust performance in Australia’s hot, humid and often dusty conditions.  

Andrew also says that an air audit will help determine the V-Series compressor that is best for any specific application.  

An air audit will indicate the type and size of compressor to use as well as the payback period, maximising efficiency and energy savings.

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