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Sullair Australia to supply diesel air compressors to Energy Power Systems Australia

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Sullair Australia  has announced a long-term agreement to supply the rental division of Energy Power Systems Australia (EPSA) with a range of Sullair diesel air compressors.

Initial deliveries of the large-capacity diesel air compressors (rated from 425 to 1600 cfm) have been made in Melbourne, Perth and Rockhampton.

Ultimately, EPSA’s other branches in Sydney, Brisbane, Townsville, Darwin and Adelaide will also take on a selection of the Sullair Australia’s diesel air compressors.

The agreement mirrors a long-standing global arrangement between Sullair Australia and the rental arm of the construction and mining equipment group, Caterpillar (CAT Rental Power), which is represented in Australia by EPSA.

The Australian deliveries have enabled EPSA to expand its rental offering, complementing its power generator and temperature control rental groups.

According to the General Manager of EPSA’s rental division, Shaun Cockman, “The positive feedback from dealers in Asia, the US and Europe confirmed EPSA’s view that Sullair Australia would be the right partner for our rental business”.

EPSA has received good service from Sullair Australia in all areas, from delivery logistics, through to training and setting up support networks. Sullair Australia also has the infrastructure in place throughout Australia to provide the in-depth technical support that EPSA’s own technicians might require from time to time,” said Shaun Cockman.

The Sullair diesel air compressors are destined to be used in a wide range of applications, many of them in the demanding environments in the country. Shaun Cockman said that in almost all cases, the Sullair diesel air compressors will be hired by organisations to increase capacity in times of high load, or to restore production during maintenance. In all such instances, easy access to Sullair diesel air compressors through the EPSA rental service enables production to continue unhindered.

The Sullair diesel air compressors are typically hired for use in large power stations, pipe laying, drilling, mining and constructions sites, or for industrial processes. According to Sullair marketing manager, construction and mining, Ian Tessmann, the Sullair diesel air compressors are tailored to suit the demanding conditions encountered at such sites in Australia.

“The Sullair diesel air compressors can be hired for use anywhere, from wineries to mines,” he said, “and in each case the reliability, air quality, and environmental impact have to be good. A wide range of Sullair diesel air compressors, including 100 per cent oil-free compressors, is available to suit all requirements.”

The agreement between Sullair Australia and EPSA ensures the ready availability of large capacity, high quality, and compressed air systems for short- or long-term requirements throughout Australia. “The initial deliveries have been made and we are completely satisfied,” said Shaun Cockman.

“As additional compressors are incorporated into the rental range, locations right around Australia will have access to heavy-duty diesel air compressors to add capacity, or restore services at short notice. This agreement represents a major step forward in securing production processes across Australia’s power, mining and industrial sectors.”

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