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New compressors are cutting compressor energy usage

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article image Sullair’s VOC 75 compressor

Sullair Australia (Champion Compressors) introduces their latest line-up of VSD compressors, now available in the 18-90kW range. The new compressors in the 55-90kW range can also be specified with additional Variable Output Control (VOC) to provide even further turndown. 

The VSD and VOC technologies together allow end users to achieve extremely low flow ratios from a single machine.

Sullair Australia National Marketing Manager, Michael Knowles observes that the growing focus on energy efficiency in the marketplace has increased the importance of VSD and VOC compressor technology. Given that compressed air accounts for 10 percent of all electricity consumed by the manufacturing sector, Sullair Australia’s VSD/VOC range helps deliver enhanced levels of compressed air efficiency under the variable load conditions commonly experienced throughout industry.

In practice, each compressor has a ‘sweet spot’ at which it operates at the highest efficiency - this will be from 30 to 70 percent of load capacity for a VSD compressor, and between 50 and 90 percent for a VOC compressor. Combining the VSD and VOC technologies effectively expands the ‘sweet spot’ from 30 to 90 percent of load capacity, making the new range of compressors the ideal choice for applications where the load percentage might fluctuate widely during the normal course of operation.

VSD/VOC compressors are extremely efficient at the midpoint of demand, typically delivering a 30 percent saving in electricity at 50 percent load when compared with on/off load alternatives. 

According to Knowles, by matching a compressor installation to the end-user’s demand profile, air needs can often be met with less cost and more efficient systems. He adds that optimised solutions from Sullair’s broad range of compressors have helped end users typically save thousands of dollars each year, often achieving one-year paybacks for their investments.

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