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New Energy-Efficient VOC/VSD Hybrid Compressors from Sullair Australia

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article image The latest in compressor technology from Sullair Australia combines superior variable speed with variable output compression

Australia’s leading air compressor technology group, Sullair Australia introduces a new line of energy-efficient VOC/VSD hybrid compressors that combine superior variable speed with variable output compression.  

Sullair Australia has pioneered compressor technology with its hybrid VOC/VSD compressor. The hybrid compressors’ variable speed drive (VSD) lowers power consumption at the top end of capacity and maintains constant system pressure whilst the variable output compressor (VOC) airend extends part-load energy savings.  

Andrew Dove, Product Development Manager with Sullair Australia says the driving force behind Sullair Australia combining the two technologies was a desire to achieve the greatest downturn, therefore providing customers with greater flexibility and efficiency.  

The unique fusion of VSD and VOC technologies in the VOC/VSD hybrid compressors delivers optimal airend efficiency for compressed air applications with widely varying loads.  

Individually, the VOC has a turndown of 50% while VSD compressors have 30%. Together, the VOC/VSD hybrid air compressors can extend the range of downturn to 15% while maintaining stable pressure and minimum power consumption.  

The VOC/VSD hybrid compressors have a broader efficient operating range over any comparable compressor through their ability to automatically vary both the motor speed and the compressor’s airend length.  

The Sullair VOC/VSD utilises patented Optimal Flux Technology, which allows precise and dynamic drive-to-motor calibration, delivering optimum performance and efficiency throughout the compressor’s operating range.  

Optimal Flux Technology reduces motor temperatures by up to 11ºC, permitting greater turndown, eliminating forced ventilation and improving motor efficiency and longevity.  

Conducting an air audit will help determine if the VOC/VSD hybrid unit is the appropriate solution. According to Dove, if there are huge changes in demand at a particular site such as a peak shift in the morning and a light shift in the afternoon or night shift, the VOC/VSD may be beneficial in maximising efficiency and energy savings.  

The VOC/VSD can be built to specific customer requirements by Sullair’s dedicated Customised Engineering team and fitted with a range of extras to suit every application.  

Designed with premium components and offering low cost compressed air, the VOC/VSD hybrid compressors are engineered for long-term use and supported by extended service as well as warranty agreements.

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