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INTERNATIONAL compressor technology group, Sullair Australia , has released a dual-capacity, dual-pressure portable air compressor in the form-factor of a conventional compressor.

The new diesel-driven combo compressor range is said to reduce servicing and transportation costs.

The compressor has been developed to meet the needs of demanding drilling and exploration applications. With the unique ability to deliver both high-capacity/high-pressure (1150 cfm/350 psig) and lower-capacity/higher-pressure (900 cfm/500 psig) compressed air, the combo is said to abolish the need for an additional booster compressor in some instances.

“Before the combo unit, drill sites were equipped with low-pressure compressors for primary drilling, plus a booster compressor to tackle the harsher drilling conditions,” Sullair portable and drill compressor product manager Ian Tessmann said.

“While a necessity, this method results in wasted resources and costly downtime associated with inter-changing compressed air lines and transporting both units to and from site.”

The combo compressor enables continuous drilling. It converts from the lower pressure unit to a higher pressure unit, allowing the operator to instantly address varying drilling conditions.

The dual functionality of the combo is founded on a rotary screw spiral valve air-end.

The spiral-valve technology built into the airend controls a network of bypass porting within the first stage of the two-stage compressor.

By controlling the delivery of air to the rotary screw air-end, the rotor length and compression volume is modified, enabling the delivery of compressed air at the selected capacity and pressure.

The compressor is powered by a Caterpillar C-15ATAAC diesel engine. An ambient cooling unit draws outside ambient air through the compressor via an engine-mounted fan, while a compressor protection circuit monitors temperatures, coolant and fuel levels.

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