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Suhner offers Grinding Tools to Polish Water Turbine Blades

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Suhner (Australia)  specialises in the manufacture and supply of a comprehensive range of grinding tools, attachments and abrasives for diverse industrial applications.  

A heavy duty range of grinding tools has been specially developed along with matching hand pieces and abrasives for specific turbine service applications.  

In several countries, hydroelectric power stations are an important source of renewable energy wherein water power is harnessed using water turbines. The kinetic energy of the water gained from its course over the riverbed or from a higher altitude is converted into mechanical energy by the water turbine, which rotates under the action of the water flowing through it.  

The rotating turbine shaft drives a generator that converts the rotational energy into electric current. Water jets from a freefall height of 1000 metres can reach speeds of nearly 500km/h causing extreme abrasion on the enormous turbine blades, especially when the water carries a high proportion of solid matter such as sand.  

The abrasion causes excessive wear on the blades, requiring them to be refaced with weld deposits at regular intervals followed by a grinding process to regain their optimal contours and achieve design efficiency.  

Suhner has developed a range of grinding tools, attachments and abrasives specifically for servicing turbines. These include grinding tools with flexible shaft as well as matching hand pieces that are ideal for heavy duty applications on refaced turbine blades.  

Suhner’s flexible shaft grinding tools combine the benefits of high torque and small-sized working hand piece for precise grinding on all weld types as well as optimal handling of the abrasive.  

The adjustable speed function of the grinding tool allows its use in roughing and polishing work. Grinding tools with flexible shafts have helped Suhner customers cut acquisition costs considerably.

Other advantages in these grinding tools include 3-phase motors, excellent motor cooling, enormous power reserves and longer lifecycle.

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