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Suhner USK 6-R Straight Grinders for Stainless Steel Surfaces on Vessels and Windows

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Suhner (Australia)  is a specialist provider of tools and abrasives for use by stainless steel workers in industrial and handicraft sectors.   

Stainless steel is increasingly being used in various applications for advantages such as hygiene, functionality, visual appeal and long life-span.  

Products made from stainless steel can achieve all these advantages only if they have superior surface quality.  

Suhner supplies a range of power tools that yield optimal results reliably and economically even for difficult applications, ensuring high quality stainless steel surfaces.  

The USK 6-R straight grinders from Suhner are designed for grinding stainless steel surfaces on vessels and windows. The straight grinders are compact in design, lightweight in construction and packed with various useful features.  

Key features of USK 6-R straight grinders

  • Power consumption of 1530 W
  • Continuously adjustable speed from 2800 rpm to 5800 rpm enhances versatility in application
  • Universal tool for many applications from fine grinding to mirror finishing

Special abrasives can be attached to these stainless steel grinders while grinding surfaces and square sections on vessels or windows to considerably shorten working times with fewer operations.  

For instance, an abrasive with grain size up to 2000 can be attached to a Suhner straight grinder to process a box section in only five operations.

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