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Suhner Pipe Belt Grinders for Stainless Steel Workers

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Suhner (Australia)  has developed an extensive range of power tools and abrasives specifically for use in the stainless steel industry.  

Stainless steel products are increasingly being used in diverse industrial and commercial applications for advantages such as superior hygiene, versatile functionality, visual appeal and long-lasting performance.  

A perfect surface quality is imperative to achieve these advantages. Suhner’s power tools and abrasives cater to the needs of stainless steel workers in the industrial and handicraft sectors.  

Suhner can provide power tools that yield optimal results reliably and economically, even for difficult applications.  

Suhner has developed a range of pipe belt grinders to meet specific requirements of stainless steel workers while working on railings, especially in the grinding and burnishing of round pipes.  

The UTC 7-R and UTG 9-R pipe belt grinders feature a patented design that incorporates an adjustable and pivoting contact roller, which wraps the grinding belt around the pipe.  

Unlike conventional tools, the belt is not pressed around the surface, allowing the material to be abraded with essentially finer control.  

The UTC 7-R pipe belt grinders are designed for maximum pipe diameters of 55mm and maximum wraparound of 180º while the UTG 9-R pipe belt grinders are suitable for pipe diameters from 20mm to 70mm with a maximum wraparound of 220º.

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